Microadventure Monday: The Warfare Dip

Ah, Monday. It seems to come around all too fast not matter what the weekend brings. Good thing you do not need the weekend to have an adventure. You may not have time to do a 10 mile hike or make the drive to your favorite surf spot but you can find plenty of opportunities to do something in the great outdoors.  

Each week I do my best to get outside on my lunch break or find time before or after work to breathe in some fresh air. With the days getting longer, lately it has been pretty easy to make this happen. If you are coming up with a bunch of excuses as to why you cannot get outside every day, even for 10 minutes, I encourage you to stop. Re-frame. Yes, you have time. No, you may not always be able to prioritize outside activities over other things in your life. While that may be okay as the exception, I encourage you to fight like hell to not let it be the rule. Life is too short to spend it indoors.

Here is a challenge for you: One night this week, forget the laundry. Save the fancy new recipe for the weekend. Skip that episode of whatever you are caught up in on Netflix. It can wait. Instead, grab your sweetie, your best friend, or head out solo, and think up a small microadventure. Whether it be hiking up a hill to watch sunset or packing a picnic and eating dinner in your backyard, I encourage you to get outside. Last week my favorite microadventure was being surrounded by some of my very favorite people and jumping off something tall into the unusually warm Pacific Ocean at midnight. Life is good when you are enjoying a midnight swim. If you need a little inspiration for your own weekday dip, check out our Wayfare Dip Pinterest Board.

What are you waiting for? The water is fine, jump on in. 

jump right in