Microadventure: Join a sports league

Are you looking for a little motivation to help you get out on weeknight microadventures? I understand that not everyone can muster the motivation for a hike after a long work day, or sneak away for mid-day walks, or even make it out of the office in time to catch some waves before sunset. If this sounds like you, then it may be time to schedule time outside, just like you schedule your office meetings. What's more important, anyways?! One great way to do this is by joining a sports league. Whether it be softball, soccer, or heck, even kickball, committing to a night full of fresh air and camaraderie is bound to improve the quality of your weekday life. 

East beach volleyball

During the spring and summer months I participate in a great co-ed beach volleyball league. My friends and I have a pretty consistent threes team together and I love when I also have a doubles team so I can play twice a week. Not only do I get a great workout, I have a ton of fun and usually laugh a whole lot.

Participation in an organized sport may not qualify as an "adventure" in some peoples' books but I find myself on microadventures just about every time I head to the beach. Sometimes I see a whale spout, or get distracted from the game because a pod of dolphins has decided to perform for us, just next to the courts. Last night, I walked down to the water and was greeted by a whole beach full of jellies, called Valella Valella or "by the wind sailors," that has washed up over the past few days. And, on nights when the wind dies down, a dip in the glassy ocean is the cherry on top. These are all small moments in the great outdoors but they truly are microadventures. 

 Valella Valella, or "By the Wind Sailors"

Valella Valella, or "By the Wind Sailors"

Not sure where to look to find a league? Here are some ideas of where you might find one (plus links to some examples)... 

Grab some friends and join a league! You never know what microadventures you'll find.