Swap the resolutions for some adventure goals

California is an adventurer’s paradise. You can pretty much do anything your heart desires, from climbing Mount Whitney, to leisurely cycling through wine county, to free diving for lobster at the Channel Islands. 2014 was a darn good year in the great outdoors. Some highlights included:

  • Amazing powder days at Mammoth (during a year most people dismissed)
  • An overnight river trip on the Colorado River in the Black Canyon
  • Not only did I see orcas at the Channel Islands (check that off the bucket list!) but caught them in the act of a hunt. Holy moly. 
  • Trek around Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic

While a lot of fun was packed into the year, I realized that very few limits were pushed. Sure, my heart may have momentarily stopped when I got stuck in some kelp while free diving, but that was just bad luck. The only “new” thing for me in the whole lineup was an overnight rafting trip, which was so well organized by friends that it felt like no effort at all. At the end of the year, I decided that the goals and intentions I set for the coming months needed to include some adventure goals. It is time to cross some things off my bucket list, get off the beaten path, and venture a little further outside my comfort zone. 

Goal #1: Get out on weekend adventure every month. 

This is not exactly a stretch goal but it is motivating me to get some great content on Wayfare Collective. Over the next year, one of my goals is to share all the details of one weekend trip on a monthly basis, helping you plan inexpensive adventures and motivate you to try something new. While I already have quite of few ideas queued up, it doesn’t hurt to keep discovering amazing places to share with you. I will post about each one of those monthly trips and will even give out free one page guides for everyone on the mailing list, so make sure to sign up or keep an eye out for those posts! 

Goal #2: Cross two things off the bucket list. 

While the list of contenders is quite long, the two things I settled on are: cross county ski, and fly fish. While these two things sound pretty mellow, I intend to jump in the deep end. As I set this goal, I was almost immediately invited on an overnight cross country trip to the Glacier Point Hut in Yosemite and introduced to a pro fly fisher. Thank you, Universe! 

If you have been to Glacier Point in the summer, you can imagine how beautiful those views would be blanketed in snow. I have had two failed attempts at cross country ski trips due to weather and am keeping my fingers crossed that the snow gods smile down on us, lining our path with powdery goodness. 

As for fly fishing, I am rather excited that this will be a new experience for all of my adventure buddies as well. Nothing is better than trying something for the first time with friends. I imagine this will challenge us in ways that are different than the norm, requiring patience to learn a new skill and waiting for the excitement to come to us. (Truth be told, I am slightly worried I may be a horrible fly fisher and end up with a fly stuck to my forehead! Wish us luck…)

Is fly fishing in the Sierra or gliding your way to Glacier Point sound like something you would like to try? Don’t let these adventures languish on your bucket list—be sure to sign up for the mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when the guide to overnight cross county ski trips and fly fishing for newbies are available. Do you have other adventure items on your bucket list you need a little help navigating? Let me know what it is in the comments section and I might just be able to help you make it happen!