A (video) taste of the forbidden fruit

It may not be forbidden to go to Palmyra but it is pretty hard to get access to. Aside from a select number of marine scientists, this isn't an island most people are able to visit. Lucky for us, Katie took some great video while she was there so we can all feel like we have been there! Check out her notes below to find some of the best nuggets in there, and find out what you are looking for! 

0:13, That is Rayn, the Blue Footed Booby that lives at the field station.
1:08, Start to get a feel for life underwater

3:28, Rare daytime sighting of an eel on the move

4:37, A little montage of my study species (Chlorurus microrhinos, the Steephead Parrotfish) doing what they do best:  giving me the slip; eating algae; and fighting! 

6:32, These Manini (convict tangs) were so mesmerizing! It was always hard when they came by not to drop everything and chase them around. Obviously I wasn't always successful at resisting that urge. 

8:19, Melon-heads! One of the many perks of offshore diving days. They love to check out the boat and we love to check them out right back!

8:49, Blacktip on a mission! Probably to try to eat one of our parrotfish.  Eek.

9:38, This spotted eagle ray isn't as worried about scraping his belly on the corals as I am.

...and a big ol fish (bohar snapper) kiss at the end!