3 Words for 2015

Happy New Year, all you Wayfarers! 2015 is off to a good start for this girl. I rang in the New Year on Catalina Island with eight of my favorite adventure buddies. At midnight we toasted to the good times in 2014, watching from afar dozens of tiny firework shows along the mainland coast. While we definitely did our fair share of Urban Exploration (karaoke, mini putt putt, and taste testing Catalina’s signature cocktail), we also made sure to find the clearest water to see garibaldi (California’s state marine fish) and climb some peaks to find the best views. 

Getting ready to snorkel, Lovers Cove

Garibaldi takin' it easy at Lovers Cove. Photo Credit: Katie Davis

View of San Clemente Island from Catalina

Avalon, Catalina Island

At the beginning of 2014, I set some intentions for the year and chose three words to help me stay focused on my goals over the next 12 months. These words helped me prioritize my time and energy, leading to a great year. This exercise worked so well that I decided to do it again for 2015. The three words I chose to help shape the next 365 days are: Adventure. Freedom. Simplicity. 

Adventure. Wayfare Collective was started to help people get out in nature and to inspire conservation of our amazing natural resources. In the process of writing the first few blog posts, I inadvertently gave myself the gift of looking at my adventures in a new light with even more appreciation and gratitude. While 2014 was pretty good to me, I intend to adventure even more in 2015, try new things, and push the limits of my exploration comfort zone. 

Freedom. Life in California is pretty darn good. This word was chosen as a reminder of my good fortune to explore as often as I do. Having the time to get out and adventure on a monthly basis is truly a gift. By furthering my commitment to prioritizing time over money and experience over things, I hope to create even more freedom to explore California and beyond. 

Simplicity. Last year I committed to not buying “things" so I could have more experiences. This year I intend to take that one step further and start to downsize my life. In general, most of us do not need half the things we stuff into our houses or gear bags. Now seems like as good time as any to learn to live more simply. Following up what I liked to call my “year of consumer freedom,” my challenge for 2015 is to get rid of one thing per day (365 things total). I am off to a good start, having just dropped 92 items off at goodwill. Anyone want to join me in the challenge? 

What are your intentions for 2015? Share your three words in the comment section below. Here is to a year full of adventure! Happy travels.