Chasing daylight

Daylight savings is coming to its end which means you have one week to savor that extra hour of evening twilight before it is time to turn back the clock. If you’re dreading next Monday when you’ll be heading home in the dark, I have a little challenge for you: Make an effort to get outside and enjoy the sun every day this week. Last week I did just this. My evenings weren’t extravagant but they were filled with laughter, sunsets, and mini-adventures. Hopefully these ideas help motivate you to get out of the office and enjoy. 

Sunset bouldering—You may be chasing the sun post-work to make this happen but even an hour is worth the effort! Bring a lantern and you’ll be able to keep working on your skills under the stars. 

Evening ocean dip—Recently, the water and the air has been unseasonably warm in Santa Barbara. One of my favorite mini-adventures is a simple midnight dip to beat the heat. Extra points if you find something tall to jump off of!

Stearn's Wharf, Santa Barbara

Sunset hike—As of next week I know it will be nearly impossible to motivate for evening workouts and I’ll be shifting gears to the morning. Take advantage of the extra hour of daylight by grabbing a friend and hitting the trails together. Bring a headlamp and you can even stick around until sunset to soak in the view. 

Jam session— If your afternoons are already running a little short and you can’t beat the sun, embrace the last of the warm evenings. String some lights on the porch, grab a guitar, and have a good ol’ fashioned jam sess. 

Beach Picnic— What better way to start your Friday night than with some friends at the beach, playing a little volleyball, bocce, or just enjoying a beer at sunset. Don’t live by the beach? Grab some friends and head to a park, your front yard, wherever, and use those lawn games before they are forgotten for winter.